HUMAX has won the world’s biggest design awards … Red Dot AWARD and iF DESIGN AWARD

–        Win Red dot award 2015 followed by iF DESIGN AWARD 2015
–        Achieve world-class design excellence

(March, 26, 2015) … HUMAX has received the world’s biggest design awards, earning a reputation for its design excellence in the world.

HUMAX (CEO, Tae Hun Kim, announces the two products have won the honorable “Red Dot Design Award 2015” on 26th March.

HUMAX has received the Red Dot Award for the two products this year again after winning the award last year. The company also has won the 2015 iF DESIGN AWARD last month. With its technology and design excellence, the company has developed its reputation as a global gateway service provider in the world. HUMAX has been recognized for its outstanding technology in many prestigious international exhibitions such as The Cable Show and International Broadcasting Convention.


‘Smart OTT’, the Red Dot award-winning product, is designed based on the idea that the product is normally placed in the living room or bed room. So it uses the eco-friendly wood-grain pattern to naturally harmonize with living room and bedroom furniture. Video Gateway, another award-winning device, allows consumers to conveniently remove the Hard Disk Drive and the product is being praised for optimizing a given functionality while successfully presenting aesthetic quality of the product. This user-friendly design idea is also shown in the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) device, the winning product of the iF DESIGN AWARD last month, focusing on triggering emotionally interactive user experiences by using familiarity.

And PRISM TV, the iF award-wining product, is based on the idea how light is refracted through a prism, creating a spectrum of colors. The product is designed to access various contents through the Smart Search function and to provide the same TV-watching experiences on mobile devices as well.

The CEO of HUMAX, Tae Hun Kim said, “Following the success of last two years’ acclaimed design awards, HUMAX is gaining a reputation not only for its strong global networks and technologies but also for its design innovation. “We expect to enhance our momentum in business development in light of the current business environment where we see a lot of new opportunities including the recent competition in the broadcasting industry, the rise of UHD era and the rapidly growing IoT market.

[About HUMAX]
HUMAX, founded in 1989, is a global leading gateway provider, delivering high quality Video Gateway, Broadband Gateway, Digital Set-top Box and Digital Video Recorder over 80 countries in PayTV and Broadband industries. The company headquarters and R&D center are based in Korea, with 18 overseas offices including U.S, U.K, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Australia and Brazil. HUMAX recorded $1.4 billion of revenue in 2014 and employs more than 1000 people across the world.